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Well Child Check-ups and Preventative Care

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A sick child should visit our office right away, but what about a healthy one? Pediatricians at Ogden Clinic believe that well child visits are a crucial part of our pediatric services, even when children show no signs of sickness or injury. Well child check-ups help keep your child up-to-speed by evaluating his or her general health, growth, and development.

With regular checkups, your pediatrician can detect and address health issues before they become more serious. These appointments are also a great opportunity to bring questions about your child’s health to your Ogden Clinic Pediatrician. During a well child check-up at Ogden Clinic, our pediatricians will monitor and conduct:

  • Growth and development tracking
  • Vision and hearing tests
  • Vaccinations
  • Health exams
  • Lab services
  • Medical referrals to a specialist

Well Child check-ups are important pediatric services at Ogden Clinic. At your initial visit, your Ogden Clinic Pediatrician will develop a well child visit schedule with you. Visits are more frequent during the first couple years of life when vaccines are due and monitoring is more intricate. Ogden Clinic Pediatricians provide well child checkups from Pleasant View all the way to Farmington.

It might seem harmless to postpone your child’s well-visit to avoid contact with COVID-19. Unfortunately, doing this could have more severe consequences than the pandemic itself.

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