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Non-Invasive and Minimally-Invasive Treatment Options

What comes to mind when you think about orthopedic surgery? The thought is probably less than pleasant. First there’s a long wait to schedule your surgery, then an invasive procedure, several days in the hospital, a lengthy recovery, and to top it off – a sizeable medical bill. But with the development of minimally invasive surgical procedures, many orthopedic conditions can be treated with much less trauma to the body. In fact, several minimally invasive surgeries are now performed in outpatient surgical centers throughout Northern Utah with improved quality of care, surgical recovery, and surgical outcomes.

What is minimally invasive surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery minimizes both the size of surgical incisions and the trauma to the surrounding soft tissue of the body. Just as there are many different types of orthopedic injuries, there are a variety of minimally invasive surgery options.

New research and technologies have led to improved methods of:

  • Joint replacement
  • Arthroscopic repairs of injuries
  • Microscopic treatment of complex musculoskeletal conditions
  • …and other procedures

Minimally invasive procedures offer many advantages including smaller incisions, less trauma to the body (and less blood loss), decreased scarring, and shorter recovery time.

What is arthroscopy?

A surgical tool, the arthroscope is a thin and flexible tube with a lit camera on the end. The arthroscope is inserted into the affected area through a very small incision, allowing your Ogden Clinic orthopedist to view the interior of the joint without cutting it open. Your surgeon will guide small surgical tools through other minimal incisions to perform the operation while visualizing it through the arthroscope.

Common injuries can be repaired using arthroscopy including:

  • Knee arthroscopy for ACL tear reconstruction, meniscus tears, and loose body removal
  • Hip arthroscopy for injuries, hip dysplasia, synovitis, or joint infection
  • Shoulder arthroscopy for rotator cuff repair, bone spur removal, removal of inflamed tissue, and more

Not every procedure can be performed arthroscopically and not everyone is a candidate for arthroscopic surgery. Your Ogden Clinic orthopedist will review your symptoms and determine if minimally invasive surgery is an option for your condition.

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