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Ear Conditions and Services

Ogden Audiology Services

Explore our full range of audiology services for the whole family. We are proudly staffed with several board-certified Otolaryngologists who are experienced ear doctors trained to diagnose and treat every type of complication including:

  • Hearing loss or impairment
  • Swimming and noise protection
  • Cleaning and maintenance (ear wax removal)
  • Tinnitus counseling and management
  • Audible follow-up and adjustments
  • Adult and youth ear infections

If you require a hearing aid, Ogden Clinic has a great selection of cochlear implants and hearing aids including in-ear, behind-the-ear, and invisible hearing aid models that reside inside the ear canal. Your Ogden Clinic ENT specialist can help you determine the best hearing aids suited for your condition.

At Ogden Clinic, we understand that hearing loss or inner ear pain can put a toll on daily living. That’s why our diagnostic care and preventative audiology services are designed to give Ogden patients the clearest hearing possible.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can come about suddenly or emerge over time. At the Ogden Clinic, we offer a breadth of audiology services for adults and children. Our Ogden ear doctors will determine if you are at risk for hearing loss and the degree of your impairment. If an aid is required, we provide a great selection of devices in-house. Ogden Clinic’s hearing aids include digital state-of-the-art devices that are fitted for your needs.

Vertigo and Balance Disorders

Audiology accounts for more than just hearing. If you often feel dizzy or off-balance, our Ogden audiologists can assess and treat these symptoms. At your initial visit an audiologist will evaluate family history, eardrum pliancy, and your breadth of hearing in each ear. Our range of solutions include the Canalith repositioning treatment, an outpatient procedure that relieves vertigo and intense dizziness.

Voice, Language, and Speech Disorders

What’s the difference between voice and speech disorders? Speech is the sound produced by the lips, tongue, palate and throat, while voice refers to sounds produced in the voice box.

Many people seen at Ogden Clinic have speech and voice complications. Sometimes they are attributed to disfigurement of the lip, tongue, or palate. However, voice, language and speech disorders can also stem from excessive talking, shouting, coughing, and singing.

Just like physical therapy, voice and speech therapy is a common treatment offered at Ogden Clinic. Our ENT Specialists use speech therapy to strengthen and restore function to the voice box and speech pathways. Vocal cord injections and minimally invasive surgery are other options for severe cases.

Ear Tubes

child with Ear Tubes photo

Most children will have at least one ear infection by the time they turn three. This very common infection causes overwhelming pain inside the ear, balance problems, and even hearing loss. Fortunately, our Ogden Clinic ENT specialists offer ear infection treatment for kids and adults.

If caught early, antibiotics can help remedy a bacterial ear infection. However, if fluid buildup in the ear is becoming severe, our skilled otolaryngologists can effectively treat ear infection symptoms with ear tubes surgery.

This outpatient procedure can be performed under anesthesia. Your Ogden Clinic ENT specialist will use a slender scalpel to create an incision in the ear drum. Ear tubes are inserted through the incision. The purpose of the tube is to allow air to reach the middle ear for ventilation. If fluid has built up in the middle ear because of your ear infection, an Ogden Clinic doctor will also suction it out.

This very quick ear tubes procedure seldom causes post-operative pain or complications. Hearing loss is restored immediately after surgery, while balance and speech continue to improve in the following weeks.

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