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Jason Bruse, DPM

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Davis Family Physicians | Ogden Clinic
3225 W. Gordon Ave Suite 1 Layton, UT 84041


Board Certifications

American College of Foot and Ankle Surgery
Board Certified in Foot Surgery

Procedures / Treatments

  • Ankle Arthroscopy If you have recently injured your ankle or have noticed a decrease in function over time, Ogden Clinic in Utah offers the ankle arthroscopy procedure as a surgical option. Reach out to our orthopedic staff today to schedule your consultation and regain your mobility.
  • Brostrom Procedure A lateral ankle ligament reconstruction, also known as the Brostrom procedure, is used at Ogden Clinic offices across Utah, to treat ankle injuries. If you would like to learn more about this procedure and how it can help alleviate problems in your ankle, contact us today to schedule an appointment.
  • Bunion Surgery Have you been experiencing pain or discomfort from a bunion on your toe? Specialists at Ogden Clinic in Utah can perform bunion surgery to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms caused by bunions and small bunions known as bunionettes.
  • Flat Feet & Heel Deformity Biomechanical conditions that can cause the foot to roll inwards in order to gain contact with the floor and support the weight of the body, and is the main clinical feature of excessive pronation.
  • General Physical Examination To keep patients across Utah in optimal health, Ogden Clinic specialists offer general physical examinations. It is important for patients to have an annual medical check-up as part of overall health and wellness. To schedule your appointment with one of our offices, please contact us to
  • Hammertoes Hammertoe, also known as mallet toe, leads to an imbalance in the feet muscles and an abnormal bend in the second or third toe. This condition is treatable with help from the orthopedic specialists at Ogden Clinic. Regain your mobility and recover from painful symptoms by scheduling an appointment.
  • Neuromas of the Foot (Morton's Neuroma) Are you experiencing chronic pain in the ball of your foot? Neuromas of the foot, commonly called Morton’s neuroma, can be very painful and frustrating for people in northern Utah. If you would like to learn more about your treatment options, reach out to Ogden Clinic today to schedule an appointment.
  • Plantar Fasciitis Are you experiencing pain and inflammation in your heel? You may be experiencing plantar fasciitis, an issue with the tissue in your feet. Specialists at Ogden Clinic in Utah can diagnose and treat this problem. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.
  • Sports Physical Examination Specialists at Ogden Clinic offices across Utah offer sports physical examinations for athletes of all ages and fitness abilities. Contact our team today to schedule your appointment.
  • Toe Joint Replacement When you are experiencing pain or restricted mobility due to osteoarthritis in your big toe, specialists at Ogden Clinic in Utah can perform a toe joint replacement. Contact one of our offices today to schedule a consultation and see if this surgery is right for you.


University of Utah
Residency, Podiatry – completed 2003

California College of Podiatric Medicine
D. P. M., 2000

Brigham Young University
B.S., 1994


Ogden Clinic - Podiatrist
Ogden, UT – 2015 to Present

McKay Dee Foot & Ankle Clinic
Ogden, UT - 2013 - 2015


Dr. Bruse was born and raised in Salt Lake City. He is currently a Podiatrist at Ogden Clinic and certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery. His expertise includes heel pain treatment, plantar fasciitis, and hammer toes. Dr. Bruse also offers non-surgical approaches to foot and ankle health including sports medicine, diabetic care and wound treatment.

Jason Bruse has four kids and loves spending time with them. In his free time, he plays golf, tennis, and softball. Dr. Bruse also loves to fly fish and water-ski.

Dr. Jason Bruse on Ogden Clinic's Blog

This Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus Boasts Incredible Outcomes

Beyond being a source of embarrassment, toenail fungus can have serious consequences. It can cause pain walking, difficulty cutting the nail, and even serious infection if left untreated. The gold standard for treating nail fungus has been prescription oral medication, but it’s only effective in about 60% of patients. Dr. Jason Bruse discusses a new laser treatment that provides superior outcomes.

Can High Heels Cause Permanent Foot Damage?

Even with shoe inserts or elastic straps, your favorite pair of heels can still start nagging after a few hours. If you regularly wear heels, you’ve probably asked yourself “Could these damage my feet?” Dr. Bruse weighs in on whether or not your preference for high heels has lasting health consequences.

Pain in Your Big Toe? You May Need a Replacement – KSL Brandview 4/12/17

You only have two big toes, and they both carry the greatest load of your body weight. Your big toes are critical to overall balance, so taking care of them is a big deal. Podiatrists across the country see patients suffering from arthritic big toe joint or hallux limitus/rigidus, which tends to present symptoms in people between their 30’s and 40’s. Arthritic big toe joint is one of the most common foot problems that primarily affect women.

Dr. Bruse in the Media

70% of bunions return: Not anymore with Dr. Bruse's approach | Ogden Clinic Podiatry

2 out of 3 cases of bunions return after the patient seeks treatment. Dr. Jason Bruse is a Foot and Ankle Surgeon who handles bunions on a daily basis. Learn about his permanent solution to bunions, a minimally invasive surgery that removes bunions for life.

Ep. 21: Shoe Shopping with Podiatrist Jason Bruse | The Scope

Summer shoes are notorious for not having enough arch support. The good news? You can wear cute shoes and be comfortable! Dr. Bruse shares his best tips in the latest episode of The Scope!

Ep. 12: Choosing the Perfect Running Shoes | The Scope

Dr. Jason Bruse is a board-certified podiatrist who specializes in running injuries and injury prevention. He's at a local running store discussing what to look for when it's time for a new pair of shoes.

Ogden Clinic Podiatrists | Challenger Commercial

Tracking over 65 years of combined experience, Ogden Clinic’s podiatry team can handle whatever ails your ankles to your toes.

Dr. Bruse Shares Advice on Choosing Running Shoes

How much support do you need? How much room in the toebox? Dr. Bruse answers these and other questions about preventing running injuries on Good Things Utah.

Ankles to Toes, Dr. Bruse Treats It All!

Dr. Jason Bruse sees patients for a variety of podiatric conditions, but he’s developed a special interest in big toe joint replacement. This surgery drastically improves the quality of life for people in Farmington and the surrounding areas. Dr. Bruse also talks about his approach to patient care.

Proper Shoe Size - Studio 5 with Dr. Jason Bruse

Dr. Jason Bruse, Podiatrist, with Ogden Clinic discusses bunions with Brooke Walker on KSL - Studio 5.

Healthy Winter Feet - ABC 4 News with Dr. Jason Bruse

Dr. Jason Bruse, Podiatrist, with Ogden Clinic was on ABC 4 News discussing healthy winter feet.

Happy Winter Feet and Shoe Choices - Fox 13 The Place with Dr. Jason Bruse

Dr. Jason Bruse, Podiatrist with Ogden Clinic in Farmington, was on Fox 13's The Place discusses winter feet.

Ep. 59: Ingrown Toenail Removal Procedure | The Scope

April is National Foot and Ankle Awareness Month. Check out this Ingrown Toenail Removal with Dr. Jason Bruse - Does it Hurt?


Treating Common Foot Problems with Dr. Jason Bruse - 10/22/2019

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Davis Family Physicians | Ogden Clinic
3225 W. Gordon Ave Suite 1 Layton, UT 84041

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