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Procedure - Voice Disorders (VLS)

Have you been experiencing problems with your voice? Voice disorders are caused by conditions that impact the vocal cords, which are the key component of speaking. There are a variety of voice disorders that people experience including laryngitis, polyps on the vocal cords, spasmodic dysphonia, cancerous lesions, and leukoplakia. To diagnose these conditions or identify another cause of voice problems, Speech Pathologists at Ogden Clinic in Utah use video laryngeal stroboscopy (VLS) to observe the movement and vibration of the vocal cords.

How It Works

A video laryngeal stroboscopy is a specialized examination used to understand the movement and vibration of the vocal cords during sound production. During the procedure, your doctor will insert an endoscope through your mouth and pass a stroboscope through it. The stroboscope is special tool that emits flashes of light, to take “pictures” of the vocal cords as they move through different cycles of sound production. Since the vocal cords move so rapidly, the vibration cannot be observed with the naked eye, so the stroboscope makes it possible for your doctor to have multiples views of the vocal cords in action. These images create a slow motion-like view of the vocal cords during vibration.

There are many advantages to video laryngeal stroboscopy testing at Ogden Clinic including:

  • Observation of complex oscillatory movement of the vocal cords to produce voice.
  • Frame-by-frame images which allow your doctor to observe any structural damage or defects.
  • Close-up images which reveal greater detail about the vocal cord movement.
  • Greater chance for the doctor to successfully diagnose a voice disorder.
  • Image record of a patient’s vocal cords for later comparison over time.
  • Clear pictures of the problems affecting the vocal cords.

Do you have problems speaking or pain in your throat? Voice disorders are very common and an ENT specialist at Ogden Clinic can help you identify the cause through the use of a video laryngeal stroboscopy (VLS). Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a Speech Pathologist at Ogden Clinic.

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