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Procedure - Urodynamics

Do you struggle with bathroom issues? You might have a condition of the bladder that is causing uncomfortable symptoms. To diagnose the cause of bladder malfunction, urologists at Ogden Clinic in Utah use urodynamics testing. This is a diagnostic study which can determine the cause of urinary incontinence and retention, by examining how well the bladder and urethra are functioning to store and release urine. The test will evaluate if the bladder is able to hold urine and empty it completely, and if it is having any involuntary contractions resulting in urine leakage.

Should I Have Urodynamics Testing?

Urodynamics testing at Ogden Clinic can potentially diagnose and treat any of the following symptoms:

  • Bladder unable to empty completely
  • The urge to go often and/or suddenly
  • Weak urine flow
  • Urine leakage and trouble controlling your urine
  • Intermittent urine flow
  • Frequent urinary tract infections

Urodynamics testing is often used when other tests fail to diagnose the cause of incontinence, or if your doctor suspects that there is more than one cause for your incontinence. It may also be used if you are preparing to have a major surgery.

How It Works

For basic urodynamics testing, your doctor will instruct you to come to your appointment with a full bladder and may prescribe antibiotics to you before or during the appointment to help prevent infection following the testing. To test your bladder function, you may be asked to urinate into a container, while the volume of urine expelled is measured, as well as the rate that the bladder empties. Your doctor will then insert a catheter into the bladder to measure any remaining urine in the bladder. The catheter may also be used to fill the bladder with water and test the amount of time it takes before an involuntary contraction takes place and releases urine.

Dealing with bladder incontinence or retention can be embarrassing and reduce your participation in social or physical activities. Problems with the bladder can also lead to infections and other health complications. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to speak with your doctor right away. Contact Ogden Clinic Urology today to schedule an appointment for urodynamics testing at one of our Utah offices.

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