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Procedure - Trigger Point Injections (TPI)

Do you suffer from pain in your muscles? Are your symptoms keeping you from sleeping or enjoying daily activities? People often suffer from painful areas in the muscles known as trigger points. Trigger points are knots that develop in a muscle when it is unable to relax properly. When trigger points develop they can often be felt under the skin and irritate the surrounding nerves causing pain and discomfort. In some patients, the trigger point causes pain in an unrelated area of the body, which is known as referred pain. To treat patients suffering with this condition, specialists at Ogden Clinic in Utah use trigger point injections (TPI).

What are Trigger Point Injections?

A trigger point injection involves a small needle which contains a local anesthetic, saline, and/or a corticosteroid. During the procedure, a specialist will insert the needle into the trigger point and release the medication. This will make the trigger point inactive, which will relieve the pain. Trigger point injections can be given for several sites in one visit and only take a few minutes to administer. Most patients experience sustained relief from even a few injections. For patients with allergies to certain drugs, doctor may use a dry needling technique (containing no medications) to elicit the same effect on the trigger point.

What Conditions Can Trigger Point Injections Treat?

Trigger point injections are appropriate for people who suffer from pain in their legs, arms, neck, and lower back. They are also used for people with fibromyalgia, tension headaches, and myofascial pain syndrome. Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by widespread chronic pain, sleeping problems, and mood changes. Myofascial pain syndrome is also characterized by chronic pain that affects trigger points in muscles throughout the body. By treating the problem at its source, trigger point injections allow patients to return to more normal activities without suffering from ongoing pain and discomfort.

Trigger point injections are a suitable treatment option for people who are experiencing deep, aching pain, knots in the muscles, and difficulty sleeping due to pain. If you believe you would benefit from trigger point injections, contact us at Ogden Clinic to schedule an appointment at one of our Utah offices.

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