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Procedure - Lyric

Do you suffer from hearing loss? Are you looking for an innovative way to restore hearing that is hassle-free? Ogden Clinic in Utah offers Lyric, an invisible hearing aid that is easier to maintain than a traditional hearing device. Lyric is different than other devices in that is placed inside the ear canal, so it remains completely invisible while providing natural, quality sound. Lyric is a an appropriate treatment for patients experiencing mild to moderately-severe hearing loss, but ultimately your doctor will determine if it is right for you.

The Benefits of Lyric

Lyric is a great hearing solution for many people because it allows for more freedom than a traditional hearing aid. Once fitted, Lyric can be worn 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for up to 4 months, without ever needing to be taken out. Once the battery dies, you do not need to replace it, but rather just come into Ogden Clinic and receive a new Lyric device. Lyric can be worn while sleeping and showering, as it is water-resistant.

How It Works

Before having a Lyric invisible hearing aid placed at Ogden Clinic, your audiologist will analyze your ear size and shape, current medical conditions, and level of hearing loss before determining Lyric is right for you. If you are a good candidate, your doctor will program the device for your unique hearing needs and gently insert it in the ear canal.

Unlike traditional hearing aids, Lyric utilizes deep ear technology to remedy hearing loss by working with the ear’s natural shape to capture and amplify sound. Sounds move from the outer ear to the ear drum more naturally because of Lyric’s innovative shape, creating the most organic hearing experience for the patient. This results in clearer and crisper sounds, allowing patients with hearing loss to still hear everything around them. Lyric is simple to place and can be done on a routine appointment with your doctor.

If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss and are looking for a hassle-free solution, contact the Audiology Department at Ogden Clinic in Utah to schedule a consultation with one of our Lyric invisible hearing aid specialists.

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