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Procedure - InterStim®

More than 33 million Americans deal with urinary incontinence and its impact on their lives. This condition can be embarrassing and disabling, especially in social situations. If you are concerned about your overactive bladder, come to Ogden Clinic in Utah to learn more about InterStim® therapy for urinary incontinence. ,/p>

What is InterStim® Therapy?

InterStim® therapy involves placement of a device that sends mild electrical pulses to the sacral nerves near the tailbone. These nerves control the bladder and the muscles involved in urinary function. Bladder control problems are a result of poor communication between the brain and the sacral nerves; the InterStim® device bridges the communication gap and restores functionality to the bladder. The InterStim® procedure is reversible.

What Kinds of Symptoms Can InterStim® Relieve?

  • Issues with fully emptying the bladder
  • Having to use a catheter to empty the bladder
  • Having to urinate frequently
  • Feeling like the bladder is not fully emptying
  • Passing tiny amounts of urine
  • Having a loss of urine when you have strong need to go to the bathroom

Am I Eligible for InterStim® Therapy?

First, your Ogden Clinic doctor will need to establish if InterStim® therapy is appropriate for your bladder problems. People are generally good candidates if they have tried medications and behavioral changes for their Utah urinary incontinence with no success. Next, your urologist will perform a physical exam and review your medical history with you. The doctor may also request some different tests to better understand your specific condition.

  • Cystoscopy: This procedure allows your doctor to view the inside of your bladder with a lens at the end of a hollow scope, checking for any abnormal growths.
  • Urodynamic Study: This test involves filling the bladder with water and then removing it with a catheter to analyze bladder function.

If your doctor deems InterStim® an appropriate treatment for you, you will complete a test stimulation to ensure that the therapy is working. Following a successful test period, you will receive a permanent InterStim® device to treat your bladder issues.

Are you tired of dealing with urinary incontinence? Call Ogden Clinic Urology in Utah to schedule a consultation for InterStim® therapy today.

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