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Procedure - Hammertoes

Do you have a deformity in your toes that is causing pain or reduced mobility? At Ogden Clinic, our specialists provide treatment options for hammertoes and mallet toes to patients across northern Utah. Hammertoes and mallet toes are deformities that occur in the toes, due to an imbalance in the foot muscles, tendons, or ligaments that normally keep the toe straight.

Symptoms and Causes of Hammertoes and Mallet Toes

Hammertoes and mallet toes are characterized by an abnormal bend in the joint of one or several of the toes. Patients with hammertoes or mallet toes may experience pain or restricted movement when bending the toes, and may develop calluses and corns from the toes rubbing against the inside of shoes. There are several possible causes for these conditions, but the most common include:

  • Improper footwear: Wearing shoes that are tight around the toes, especially high heels, can lead to crowding of the toes and prevent them from lying flat in the shoe. Over time, the curled position of the toes can become permanent, even when you are barefoot.
  • Trauma: When you jam, stub, or break your toe, it is more susceptible to developing hammertoe and mallet toe.
  • Issues with the toe muscles: If you have issues with the muscles of the toes, you are more likely to have balance problems and instability, which can result in hammertoe and mallet toe.

Treatment Options for Hammertoes and Mallet Toes

To diagnose and start to treat hammertoe and mallet toe, your doctor may perform a physical examination of the foot and take X-rays to get a clear picture of the bones and joints. Conservative treatments options for hammertoe and mallet toe include wearing roomier shoes with a minimal heel. Your doctor may also recommend using orthotic shoe inserts to reposition the toe and alleviate pressure. You can also practice several exercises suggested by your doctor to stretch and strengthen the toe muscles. When these conservative options fail to relieve the hammertoe and mallet toe, your doctor may recommend surgery to release the tendon causing the bend in the toe or remove part of the bone to straighten the toe.

Are you suffering from pain, discomfort, or balance problems with your toes? Come to Ogden Clinic in northern Utah for diagnosis and treatment of hammertoes and mallet toes.

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