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Procedure - General Physical Examination

Have you had your annual medical check-up? It’s important to visit your doctor in Utah once a year for a general physical examination. During a routine physical examination at Ogden Clinic, your doctor will perform a variety of tests to check your vitals and discuss your medical complaints or concerns.

What to Expect

A general physical examination at Ogden Clinic in Utah might include any of the following components:

  • Medical history: The doctor will begin by asking if you have any concerns or health issues. They will then address your lifestyle behaviors such as diet, exercise, tobacco and alcohol use, and sexual health. The doctor will also check your vaccination records and update your personal and family medical history for future reference.
  • Vital signs: Next, the doctor will complete several vital sign tests. They will take your blood pressure, evaluate your heart and respiration rate, and take your temperature. There may also be an examination of the teeth, tonsils, sinuses, eyes, lymph nodes, or thyroid gland.
  • General appearance: During the Utah physical exam, the doctor will also observe your general appearance, including skin health, mobility, memory, and mental quickness.

Your general physical examination might also include other specific check-ups, based on whether you are male or female. An annual check-up for a man may include a testicular exam, hernia exam, penis exam, or a prostate exam, especially if you have noticed any strange symptoms or growths. For women, an annual check-up may also include a breast exam to check for lumps, as well as a pelvic exam or Pap test to screen for cancer and STDs. Depending on your current condition or exam results, the doctor may also call for bloodwork to get better insight on body functions.

A critical component of optimal health and wellness is an annual medical exam. To schedule an appointment with one of the specialists at Ogden Clinic for a general physical examination, please reach out to one of our Utah offices today.

Jason  Bruse, DPM, Podiatry,  Davis Family Physicians - Ogden Clinic

Bruse, Jason, DPM
3225 W. Gordon Ave
Layton, UT
Caleb  Knight, PA-C, Family Medicine,  Professional Center North

Knight, Caleb, PA-C
4650 Harrison Blvd
Ogden, UT
Connorie  Murray, PA-C, Family Medicine,  Cope Family Medicine - Ogden Clinic

Murray, Connorie, PA-C
185 S 400 E
Bountiful, UT
Matthew  Naegle, DO, Pediatrics,  Canyon View

Naegle, Matthew, DO
698 East 12th Street
Ogden, UT
Shelby  Pitts, FNP-C, Family Medicine, Men's Health,  Skyline

Pitts, Shelby, FNP-C
6112 South 1550 East
South Ogden, UT
Mindy  Robert, DNP, MA, FNP-C, WHNP-BC, Podiatry,  Professional Center South

Robert, Mindy, DNP, M ...
4700 Harrison Blvd.
Ogden, UT
Kevin  Walker, DPM, Podiatry,  Professional Center South

Walker, Kevin, DPM
4700 Harrison Blvd.
Ogden, UT
Jonathan  Williams, DO, Pediatrics,  Davis Family Physicians - Ogden Clinic

Williams, Jonathan, DO
3225 W. Gordon Ave
Layton, UT
Holly  Wright, FNP-C, Podiatry,  Professional Center South

Wright, Holly, FNP-C
4700 Harrison Blvd.
Ogden, UT