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Procedure - Elbow Arthroscopy Surgery

For patients in Utah with joint pain, bone spurs, or infections, Ogden Clinic specialists use elbow arthroscopy surgery to diagnose and treat joint conditions. Elbow arthroscopy surgery becomes the most viable option for patients when X-rays are unclear and give a vague picture of what is actually going on within the elbow joint. Elbow arthroscopy surgery is a less invasive procedure than open surgery, and only requires your Ogden Clinic doctor to make a small incision and use pencil thin instruments to view the joint through cameras. Your doctor may recommend this type of surgery if you have torn cartilage in your elbow, a joint infection, inflamed joint linings, or loose bone fragments.


Before your elbow arthroscopy procedure at Ogden Clinic, your doctor may recommend refraining from certain medications in order to decrease your risk of bleeding. You may also have to fast from solid foods for 8 hours prior to the surgery, depending on the kind of anesthesia you are receiving, generally local, but in some cases general. It is best that you arrange for someone to drive you to and pick you up from the procedure and check in on you later that night. You will also want to wear a loose fitting shirt or jacket, so it is easy to get dressed after your elbow arthroscopy surgery.

How It Works

For your elbow arthroscopy procedure you will likely lay on your side or back with local anesthesia. Depending on the problem with your joint, you may require general anesthesia for longer procedures. Once you are in the appropriate position, your Ogden Clinic doctor will make a very small incision near your joint and insert the tool with the camera. The doctor may also make other small incisions around the joint to properly grind, grasp, and cut to repair the joint. Since the incisions will be so small, they will usually only require a few stitches or adhesive tape.

After your elbow arthroscopy surgery, it is important to take any prescribed medication to reduce pain and inflammation. You will also want to rest and ice your elbow to reduce pain and swelling. Your Ogden Clinic doctor may also recommend physical therapy and exercises to rebuild the strength of your joint.

For elbow injuries and joint infection, patients turn to the specialists at Ogden Clinic in Utah for elbow arthroscopy surgery. Contact us to make your appointment today.

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