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Procedure - DOT Physical Exam

To comply with federal law, all commercial drivers in Utah must see an FCMSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) accredited doctor. At Ogden Clinic, we offer DOT physical exams and medical certificates to drivers in Utah.

Components of Ogden Clinic’s DOT Physical Exam

  • Thorough review of patient’s medical history including recent or past injuries and illnesses, and medical conditions like heart problems, diabetes, etc.
  • Physical exam
  • Vision and hearing acuteness test
  • Urinalysis test to check for hidden health conditions
  • Blood pressure and pulse test


Before you go to your DOT physical exam at Ogden Clinic, it is important to remember to do the following things before your appointment:

  • Arrive early to fill out any necessary paperwork
  • Remember to bring your filled-out DOT Form
  • Bring your glasses or contacts (anything used to aid your vision)
  • List of doctors seen and medications used
  • Take any prescription medication, especially blood pressure medications, before the appointment
  • Drink lots of water before the appointment, as you will be required to give a urine sample to test for kidney issues

Pass or Fail

If you pass your DOT physical exam you, will receive your medical certificate which is generally valid for 2 years. If your doctor finds that you have a condition, such as hypertension, they may only give you a 1-year certificate to monitor your condition more closely.

Most people who fail the DOT physical exam at Ogden Clinic have high blood pressure and/or high levels of sugar in their urine. Patients will also fail the exam if they have a condition which interferes with their ability to safely drive a commercial vehicle. This could include diabetes controlled with insulin, heart disease, epilepsy, mental disorders, missing limbs, poor vision, or the use of certain drugs. While a drug test is not usually part of a DOT physical exam, it will be required if your employer requests it.

To ensure the safety of all motorists, federal law requires commercial drivers in the state of Utah to undergo a DOT physical exam. To schedule an appointment for your DOT physical exam in Utah, contact Ogden Clinic today.

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