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Procedure - Brostrom Procedure

Have you been experiencing weakness in your ankle? The ankle joint is a known as a hinge joint, which moves up and down and from side to side. To ensure proper motion and function, the ligaments act as strong rubber bands to keep the foot bones and ankle joint tightly connected. Repeated ankle sprains and foot deformities can cause these ligaments to loosen. When the ligaments reach this point, the ankle joint becomes very unstable and patients are at a greater risk of further injury. To correct this problem, orthopedic specialists at Ogden Clinic in northern Utah may recommend lateral ankle ligament reconstruction, also referred to as the Brostrom procedure.

When the ligaments on the outside of the ankle are loosened or stretched, patients can develop a condition known as chronic ankle instability and experience ongoing pain or repeated ankle sprains. Their ankle may also frequently give way during walking or other physical activities. With each new sprain, the ligaments continue to stretch and tear, leading to further complications. Several mechanical problems of the foot may also lead to chronic ankle instability, including hindfoot varus, high arches, and plantar flexion of the first ray.

How Does the Brostrom Procedure Help?

To correct chronic ankle instability, orthopedic specialists at Ogden Clinic in northern Utah may recommend the Brostrom procedure in combination with physical therapy. The doctor will explain their approach to lateral ankle ligament reconstruction before performing the surgery, as there are several methods. Generally, the Brostrom procedure is performed under general anesthesia and is minimally invasive. The surgeon will make a small incision on the ankle and use surgical instruments affixed with cameras to shorten a ligament and reattach it to the fibula through small holes drilled into the bone. The surgeon will complete any additional repairs and then close the incision with sutures. Following a Brostrom procedure, the Ogden Clinic orthopedic surgeon will provide steps for recovery, including a physical therapy plan.

Do you believe you have chronic ankle instability? Reach out to the specialists at Ogden Clinic in northern Utah for an appointment to learn more about the Brostrom procedure.

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