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Flu Shots

Beginning in October, the following Ogden Clinic locations will offer affordable flu shots during business hours.


Our flu shots have a $0 co-pay with most insurance plans*. No insurance? No problem. Our flu shot self-pay rate is only $35 upfront (or $50 for patients over age 65).

*Check with your insurance carrier beforehand, providers and plans will vary.

More about the Flu Shot

The flu shot works by injecting a weaken form of the flu virus so the body will begin developing antibodies to protect against the virus. Each year, flu vaccines are developed to protect against these three primary forms of influenza virus:

  • Influenza A (H1N1)
  • Influenza A (H3N2)
  • Influenza B

When to Get a Flu Shot

In the US, flu season typically begins in early October and may run until as late as May. Peak seasons for influenza are December, January, and February. The CDC encourages individuals to get vaccinated as early as possible, so swing by a participating clinic before the end of October.

Do I need an appointment?

Nope. Flu shots at Ogden Clinic are available on a walk-in basis.

Can my children receive a flu shot?

Annual flu vaccination is recommended for all children ages 6 months and up. If your infant is less than 6 months old, those around your baby should receive the vaccine to protect the baby, as infants are one of the highest risk groups for complications of influenza. For all kids age 6 months to 5 years, as well as those with chronic medical conditions, the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh the risks. Learn more about flu shot recommendations for babies and children on the CDC website.

Should anyone not get a flu shot?

It’s worth noting that not everyone may be healthy enough to receive the flu vaccine. These are populations that should not receive a flu shot or first talk to their doctor.

  • Children under 6 months
  • Those with severe allergies to the flu vaccine or any ingredients in it including gelatin or antibiotics
  • Those who are already sick or may have already have the flu. Talk to your primary care provider about your symptoms before receiving the flu shot.