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Ogden Clinic GI at McKay-Dee

The Ogden Clinic GI location inside McKay-Dee Hospital has a dedicated team devoted to all aspects of your digestive health. Our physicians and staff are well-trained in general gastroenterology as well as specific clinical interests. Ogden Clinic GI at McKay-Dee provides diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the esophagus, stomach, intestines, gall bladder, liver, pancreas and colon. We’re equipped to diagnose and treat the entire range of GI illnesses including liver disease, biliary disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, GERD and esophageal disorders, pancreatic disease, and functional disorders of the gut. We also diagnose and treat digestive system disorders affecting the GI tract.

Screening Colonoscopies at Ogden Clinic GI at McKay-Dee

Colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure performed at Ogden Clinic GI at McKay-Dee to examine the inner lining of the colon, the large intestine, and the rectum. The colonoscopy procedure can aid in determining the cause of changes in bowel activity, abdominal pain, and rectal bleeding, as well as detect early possible signs of cancer, such as colon polyps.

Colonoscopy is a preventative screening covered by most insurance plans if you are over age 50 (or age 45 in some cases). This screening is the most effective way to prevent colon cancer, a leading and dangerous cancer here in the United States. Ogden Clinic GI at McKay-Dee’s endoscopy center uses high-resolution imaging equipment for screening colonoscopies.

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At Ogden Clinic GI at McKay-Dee, our welcoming suite is designed to make every visit comfortable and convenient. So if you’re experiencing symptoms of a digestive disorder, abdominal pain, or trouble using the bathroom, don’t suffer in silence. Make an appointment with Ogden Clinic’s Gastroenterology Department inside McKay-Dee Hospital.



Ogden Clinic GI at McKay-Dee

4403 Harrison Blvd, Suite 4410, Ogden, UT 84403

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